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What our clients say

We, (Bella and Taisie) have trained many clients both in and out of the horse world helping correct poor posture, alleviate pain, minimising impacts of osteoarthritis and improving performance. It's a big risk to put your trust in someone you haven't work with before. Have a read of some of the testimonials below to see what our clients say about our teaching.


Polly Stockton, British Event Rider, Member of World Class Performance Squad.
"Annabel's Rider's Programme has literally taken me by surprise. Annabel is a natural teacher and her enthusiasm and knowledge is both inspiring and very motivating. I never imagined how energised I would feel after a 30-minute class, especially after a long day of riding. I am a complete novice on the yoga mat but I always look forward to my next session."

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Jenny. H (58 yrs)

“Taisie is a fantastic teacher, with very clear instructions. Each lesson is different with a great mix of strengthening and stretching. I feel so invigorated after each of her lessons, and would thoroughly recommend her classes!”

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Isabel Altenkaemper-Jahn​​

"Excellent yoga sessions with Annabel!

I thoroughly enjoy her approach from the equestrian
perspective focussing especially on the needs and weaknesses of a rider and targeting a
different areas every time"


Gary. C (20s)

“Being male and in a certain work environment, I was initially highly sceptical to join Taisie's yoga course for work, but I'm so glad I did. Taisie has a way of teaching that puts you at ease and gives you confidence. Throughout the course I have seen considerable improvement in flexibility, strength and being able to decompress. I would highly recommend Taisie's yoga to anyone who wants to better themselves."

Charlotte Dennis, Director of Personal Development at LeadEQ

"Annabel has helped me so much with understanding the biomechanics and symmetry in my body. She has vast knowledge not only of our bodies but how our muscle memory and functioning patterns are affecting our horses too. In a nutshell she is brilliant."


(Devan Woodgate, Regional Champion Advanced Medium, Competing PSG Nationals)
"I started yoga with Annabel over a year ago and most significantly I have noticed an improvement in my overall balance, core strength and my suppleness.  

Within my riding specifically yoga has given me a more secure seat, stiller hands and legs and better core strength that allows me to use my seat and position, to be a more effective rider.  

Annabel seems to be able to tap into just the right areas that need working on, always helping me develop my body self awareness along with the lengthening and strengthening of those critical muscles.  The yoga sessions are also a great time to help me be in the moment, with a focus on quietening my mind and drawing attention to my breathing. I feel it brings calmness to my entire body.  

I love my yoga sessions and I would recommend it to anyone, rider or not, there is always a benefit to be gained no matter what your goal may be. It is simply a great way to improve your general wellbeing whether it is physical, mental or emotional." 

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Zoe. C, Amateur Eventer
"Having been a total newcomer to yoga, I am now a convert. Annabel's expertise, instruction & passion are inspiring and after just a month of working with her, I'm noticing the difference in my posture, strength, balance & focus and feeling the difference it makes when I apply it in my riding.

Having had my knee operated on, there were various things I'd convinced myself I couldn't do & certainly lots of compensation going on in other joints. Through Annabel's cumulative programme, I'm growing stronger and becoming more able, and that feels amazing."


Bruce. T (61 yrs)
“It is now a year since I learned that osteoarthritis was setting into the knee where the cartilage was wearing thin to the point of needing knee replacement surgery. I have suffered from an uncomfortable limp and frequent pain in my knee for two years.

However, I can confidently say that my intense twice-weekly yoga sessions with Taisie has had a huge contribution to my all-round strength, core stability and mobility to the point that I now have very infrequent pain in my right knee and the limp has gone.

Taisie’s kick-ass approach works. And as a failing sports man clinging to the wreckage of damage done to my body in the past - she has enabled me to find range of motion in areas I thought I had lost due to past serious injuries. Once again allowing me to find real enjoyment in the sports I have played throughout my lifetime. Combine this with a finessed posture, I now feel stronger and with more energy than any time in the last twenty years.

Her teaching is a revelation to me. Her eye for detail, anatomical knowledge and ability to get me to engage muscles I didn’t even know existed and to push me hard all while teaching online is brilliant. And she’s good fun.

As a 61 year old wanting to sustain my muscle mass, strength and mobility for many years to come, I would recommend Taisie highly to anyone. She’s my best investment yet and she will not disappoint.”

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